Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well it feels like it has been awhile since I posted last, so this is the third post for today just to make up for it :). So far so good out here in NY. I really can't complain, Trav is loving school and now that we have adjusted to the city things are getting easier. We really are having a great time and seeing and experiencing some great things. Sometimes I forget what we have been up to until I look back through our pictures so I will post a few.

So we went down to Wall St. a few weekends ago and that was cool. Ground Zero is down there too, but it isn't very neat anymore, they took down all of the memorabilia and you can't even really see where the towers were.

The Trinity Church

Trav and I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). They were having a prefab housing exhibit that Trav was really interested in seeing. These were the models we were able to walk through. That tall one in the back was amazing!
Here is me standing on the "patio" of a 76 sq ft prefab house. It was seriously so tiny but had everything you would need to live.

Here is another angle to show just how small that "house" was.
On September 11. McCain and Obama came to Columbia to speak. We weren't able to get tickets to see them inside, but they broadcast the interviews on the big screen on campus. Here is the crowd it brought, so so so many people and almost all Obama supporters.

This is a picture from the top of our building on Sept. 11. Trav took this and it is amazing the clouds look so neat and the two blue beams of light are representing the twin towers.

Last weekend we did a walking tour through Central Park. It was great, we were able to see a lot of neat things. This is the tribute to John Lennon in Strawberry Fields.

Oh Trav, so cute!

We stopped by Saks and Radio City on Friday, we bought our tickets to the Christmas Spectacular!
I need to figure out how to post a slideshow, because I have a lot more pictures :). This weekend we went down to Canal Street again, gotta love cheap shopping, and it just so happened that right around the corner was the festival that was going on in Little Italy. So much fun, really delicious food and a bunch of people and a parade with priests, what more could you ask for?

And then on Saturday we rented bikes and rode through Central Park. You seriously could spend days in the park, so much to see and the people watching is the best!

New York truly is the city that never sleeps. There are so many wonderful things to do here it is just a matter of getting out to do it. We are trying to take advantage of good weather before it is gone so we are outside walking or at parks all the time. We haven't seen anyone famous yet, but we are hoping to go down to Central Park tomorrow to see David Blaine hang upside down, supposedly for three days!!!!!

Oh one last picture........

What a way to end a post right?


Ok so as promised I am posting pictures of our luxurious 519 sq foot apartment. No truly though we can't complain it is great. I know you will look at the pictures and say "great?", but by NY standards it really is I promise.

This is the front room, that is Trav's NY picture, its huge!

Another view, through those windows you can see Harlem, it is actually really pretty.

Our kitchen, tiny sink and range and no room for the fridge so it is in the living room.

The bedroom, nothing exciting at all I ran out of things to put on the walls.

And the bathroom.

There you have it our home for the next 9 months and the front room in which friends and family are welcome to come crash on :).

Monday, September 15, 2008


I am: Sleepy
I found: that the movie GHOST TOWN is hilarious, totally recommended. I will probably see it again!
I think: You are put in specific places in your life for a reason, it is fun to realize what that reason was or is.
I know: that i am overly sensitive, i am trying to work on that though.
I want: an a/c in my apartment, seriously so hot and muggy
I dislike: mean people, sweating, and clear bra straps I mean seriously people do you think we really can't see them.
I miss: my friends, family and home back in Utah!
I fear: getting old
I feel: compassion for people, it breaks my heart to see someone eating alone
I hear: Big trucks and car alarms.....all day long, why can't people figure out those alarms?
I smell:nothing really
I crave: Something sweet after every meal, I blame Trav.
I usually: check my email, i don't know a million times a day
I search: the internet for everything, I don't know how I survived without it.
I wonder: who will win the election for President in November, hmmm
I regret: nothing, i have never made a bad decision, ha ha just kidding made a bunch but try not to think about what i wish i would have done differently
I wish: I could know the future, wouldn't that make life so much easier?
I love: Trav, a warm bath, my house, a good book, new boots, chocolate milk, and a home cooked meal.
I care: about having strong and lasting relationships with those around me
I always: put the toilet seat lid down and now so does Trav, something about an open toilet seat drives me nuts.
I worry: about everything, i really worry too much!
I am not: flexible, used to be, i don't know what happened, i should work on that
I remember: being young and carefree. Those were the days when you didn't stress about work and life and your biggest worries were what you were going to wear to school that day and what you were going to do on the weekend.
I sing: all the time, especially in the car, that is when I had one :(
I don't always: make the bed in the morning, that drives Trav crazy, but i am working that too.
I argue: just to argue.....I may agree with someone, but sometimes feel the need to defend the other point of view, I know it's weird.
I write: list after list after will find them all over my apt., in my purse and on my computer.
I win: not much of anything i am not a big winner :)
I lose: my keys in my purse all the time.......dang purse is too big, all of them :).
I listen: right now to a helicopter and the printer going out of control making copies!!!
I don't understand: a lot of things, but in particular why people intentionally hurt other people.
I can usually be found: on my computer, pathetic I know but true
I need: to make an effort to be more friendly, sometimes I just get lazy.
I forget: to do anything unless it is on a list.
I am happy: When I am with people I love, cheesy huh?

I TAG: Melissa (both of you), Michelle, Mindy, Rach

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week in Review......

Well it has been a great week.....1st and foremost we are no longer HOMELESS!!! We offically moved into our very own 519 sq foot apt on Wednesday, I have never been so grateful for such a small living space. But the best part is we are in the same building and the same floor as our good friends out here, Katie and Jeff. We are still setting up the apartment so pictures of the inside will follow, but Trav took some great shots of the view from our front room. We always said our next place would have a view :).

Trav was pretty busy with school this week and I was just trying to set things up for work so we didn't do a whole lot of touristy fun stuff this week. We found out we got our apt. on Tuesday so immediately following we went to where else? Ikea. It was a about 6 hour is an hour commute each way and then a for some reason it just took forever, we were completely exhausted. So Wednesday our things were delivered we were so excited to finally have a place of our own we put everything together that night. Thursday night Trav and I just went exploring the city down toward Columbus Circle and down to Times Square.....of course we stopped at the Hershey Store, below is a picture of Trav (I think he is the first person to ever take a picture like this, ha ha ha just kidding).

Walking through the city!
Friday we had the chance to go to the US OPEN. Trav and I have never been before. In fact I have never in my life seen a tennis match or even picked up a tennis racket. But it was a lot of fun we were able to sit fairly close to the court. Katie's parents were in town so were went with them too! I didn't get any pictures of the whole group, but here is one of me, Jeff and Katie.

The Women's Semi Finals, the first match we watched.

Me and Trav, it was super windy that day.

The second match we saw was with Serena Williams, she won!
After the US Open we went to Serendipity, this was my first time there. I wish we would have taken some pictures of the inside there are tons of little trinkets and light fixtures in there. The other thing I wish we would have taken a picture of is the table full of desserts we had. They have the best frozen hot chocolate ever, I know it sounds weird but it is delicious!

So that is what we have been up to! Still learning and getting comfortable with the city but we are having a great time!

Monday, September 1, 2008

First Post.....

Well here it goes, my first post. Where do I start? Trav and I have just moved to NYC for Trav to attend Grad School at Columbia University. He is in the Masters in Real Estate Development program and he is really excited to gain more knowledge on a topic he is passionate about. This opportunity and decision came upon us pretty quickly. Trav had always contemplated going back to school but just hadn't found a program he felt right about at least until December 31st when a good friend Jeff Wood told Trav that he was applying to this program. Long story short we talked about it and decided to give it a shot. We thought it was quite a long shot and just continued our lives as normal. Then came April 1st the day Trav was notified he was accepted. We were excited, scared, happy and sad. Everything in our lives changed not better, not worse, just a completely different direction. Trav had to quit his job working with his dad for Inklyne which he had been doing for basically forever. That was definitely a huge and difficult decision for him. I had been working with Mortgage Solutions for 4 1/2 years and loved it I had to change companies to one that I would be able to work virtually with. That was also very hard for me.
Other than that we had to leave our family and friends that we miss so much already and our house in Salt Lake that we just finished remodeling after two years of grueling work. The months preceding our move have been some of the hardest we have been through but now that we are here we are truly excited about the growth and experience we will have here! And we are soooo happy that we have the Wood's (Jeff and Katie) to share this adventure with.
Katie and Jeff are so nice to let us stay with them until we get our apartment......keep your fingers crossed that it will happen TOMORROW!!!!The boys first day of school....they were so nervous :) ha ha just kidding. They look like missionaries
Our first meal "at home" chinese, this was before the moving truck came with the couch, beds etc.
Baseball game GO YANKEES!!!
Katie and I being tourists, don't you love the hats?