Monday, March 2, 2009

Kelly and Sara visit and 80's DANCE

Trav and I had fun week last week, his good friend from high school Kelly and his girlfriend Sara came out to stay with us for few I am writing this I am realizing that we didn't get any pictures :(. We had a great time though. We spent a lot of time walking around and eating out which in my opinion are some of the best things to do in NY. Kelly and Sara were able to go to a concert, Thievery Corporation, which they loved and a comedy show as well. They also introduced us to some other friends they have that live here in the city. They are in a band called HIGHBENCH and they were in a studio rehearsing on Friday night so we were able to go watch them. It was our own mini concert and they were great. Not the best picture but it is all I had!!!

On Saturday night our ward had an 80's DANCE!!!! Trav and I are on the activities committee so we helped plan and it turned out great.....we had over 60 people and pretty much everybody dressed up, it was so fun and hilarious to see people in their costumes :).

Breanne, ME and Katie

Pretty much everyone at the dance!


On a side note......who is excited for THE BACHELOR tonight!!!!!!! Oh boy the suspense is killing me :)