Sunday, February 22, 2009

No more Thanksgiving......

I have had enough complaints about updating my blog so here is the readers digest version of the last few months :). Brace yourselves....


December in NY is awesome you can really get in the Christmas spirit with all the decorations, shopping and cold weather. We were able to do a few fun things prior to leaving. We walked through Central Park on a snowy night it was really beautiful and we got some fun pictures. Trav and I also were able to spend a couple of nights in some really neat hotel/condos in midtown. An old client of Trav's gave us a few free nights and the places were amazing....I could totally live in one of them :)

Trav and I were in SLC for a MONTH I know it was a long time, but it went by pretty fast surprisingly. We were able to spend some good time with family and friends. It was so fun to be around all of our cute nieces and nephews again they get so big when you don't see them for a while. We had family parties, new years parties, lunches with friends and a few cabin trips. Oh and Trav had a birthday he is 31!!!!


We came back to NY and it was actually really good. It made me realize how fast our time here has gone and how much I still want to do. ---side note Susan Surandon was on our flight!!!!

A couple of days after we got back was the Presidential Inauguration. One thing I really love about this city is that when something major is going on there are huge crowds of people all across the city watching or celebrating or whatever. So we went over to campus to see what was going on and of course a huge crowd was watching outside on the big screen. It was great.

I had never been to the Natural History Museum so Trav and I decided to go. It was pretty cool, they have a lot of really neat exhibits and a lot of animals :), which I never could figure out if they were real stuffed animals or fake.


The month of love times 2. So this is the month of Valentine's Day of course but Trav and I also have an anniversary on the 3rd so we had a lot of fun! It was my year to plan our anniversary so I surprised Trav with a little night on the town. I had a few destinations with a card or note at each place taking us to the next activity. So we first went to dinner at a yummy restaurant called Rosa Mexicana they have delicious guacamole....yum yum. Being on a student budget I had to be a little creative. So the next stop was Barnes and Noble we spent 30-40 minutes in the humor section reading jokes to each other. The funniest ones were the "your mama's so fat" ones, they were hilarious. Stop number three was the movie theater, since it was our anniversary I chose a sappy love story, we saw Last Chance Harvey. It was a cute show. And to top the evening off we went to Cafe Lalo and had chocolate fondue for two. We had so much fun spending the evening together just the two of us, I had fun surprising Trav and he loved being surprised. Happy 4th anniversary to us :).

Well the weekend after our celebration was Valentine's Day. Katie, Marylynn and I decided it would be fun to do something fun for the boys the day before Vday so Katie made up a little poem that we left for them in Scott and Marylynn's decorated apartment. We had their favorite treats there along with hearts galore. They met us down at this really great italian restaurant. After dinner we had another note card giving the boys some options of things to do. Bowling was their first choice but the wait time to get a lane was ridiculous so we went to plan B which was you guessed it another movie. We LOVE movies apparently . We saw Push. It was ok not great just ok.

On actual Vday Trav and I wanted to be pretty low key and stay in since we knew it would be crazy busy at restaurants. We went up near the Hudson River and watched the sunset. It was really pretty and then we came back home and made a very delicious dinner. It was a brown sugar and mustard salmon first time we made it and it turned out great.

Talk show number number 3. Katie got tickets to go the the Rachael Ray show and who did she take???? ME. It was so much fun, the set was really colorful and bright and Salma Hayek was on the show so that was a big plus :). We get to go to Martha Stewart in a few weeks...

Last week Katie and I decided to get out of the city so we took a two hour bus ride to Philadelphia. I had never been there before so I was excited to explore a new city. It was fun, a little different than what I expected, but it was good. We just hung out downtown and saw the historical sites and then went up to see the University of Pennsylvania which was beautiful.

That pretty much sums up our last few months! Here are the pictures......